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Violin makingViolin making

The making methods adopted by Daniela are mainly those of the classic Cremonese tradition. She distinguish herself in following the models of Amati, Stradivari and Guarneri, but upon request, she also build instruments with the models of other italian schools, such as Emiliana, Torinese and Milanese (rapresented by Ornati and Garimberti).
Her violins are enriched by various painting techniques such as modern and antique look, using alcohol and essence based varnishes.

Instruments restorationFixing and restoration

In her workshop, Daniela Solcà executes works of fixing and restoration on violins, violas and cellos, by researching the original characteristics of the instruments. She respects, when feasible, all the original methods and materials, in order not to devalue them.

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